Uncomfortable vaginal symptoms like dryness and loss of tone can affect your intimate relationships and quality of life. The advanced technology of the CO2RE® intima laser system offers a non-hormonal solution for vaginal symptoms. The skilled team at Ferguson Family Medicine in Mesa, Arizona, uses CO2RE intima to help restore elasticity and moisture, and improve sexual health. To learn more about this quick, safe procedure, call the office to schedule a confidential consultation, or make an appointment online.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Q & A

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Childbirth, aging, hormones, and other factors can affect the health of your vagina. Vaginal rejuvenation can address vaginal laxity (loss of tone), vaginal dryness, and other common symptoms. The team at Ferguson Family Medicine uses CO2RE intima, an innovative CO2 laser platform, to restore elasticity and moisture to vaginal tissue for increased comfort and sexual enhancement.

How does CO2RE intima work?

CO2RE intima delivers controlled light to the cells of your vagina and vulva. The gentle laser energy stimulates cell renewal and triggers the production of new collagen, a protein that occurs naturally in your body. Collagen gives your vagina its tone and keeps tissues moistened, but collagen production declines over time due to age, childbirth, or other factors.

What are the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments at Ferguson Family Medicine can reduce uncomfortable symptoms that interfere with daily activities and may make sexual intercourse painful. Some of the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation with CO2RE intima include:

  • Vaginal tightening
  • Increased lubrication 
  • Enhanced sensitivity

Vaginal rejuvenation with CO2RE is a hormone-free option to relieve common vaginal symptoms associated with menopause and childbearing.

What should I expect during a vaginal rejuvenation with CO2RE intima?

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments typically take 15 minutes or less to complete. No anesthesia is required, and most people don’t find the procedure to be uncomfortable. You’ll recline comfortably while your Ferguson Family Medicine expert carefully inserts the CO2RE intima probe into your vaginal opening to deliver the laser energy. Your provider may also use the tip of the probe to treat your external vulva area.

There’s no downtime with CO2RE intima vaginal revitalization treatments, so you can return to daily activities right after your appointment. Your provider may recommend that you avoid sexual intercourse for up to a week following your treatment.

How many vaginal-tightening treatments will I need?

You should experience some improvement in your symptoms after your very first treatment. Typically, three treatments are recommended for optimal results.

If you’d like to find relief for common vaginal symptoms without hormone therapy, call Ferguson Family Medicine today to schedule a confidential consultation, or make an appointment online.